Our Manifesto

Ever hear the term “Smart Flexibility?” Probably not. We coined it.

If you’re wondering what we’re all about, here goes.

Insight Quality (IQ) is a boutique IT consulting firm that provides strategic guidance, planning, and implementation of quality assurance practices & software testing methods. Our goal is to help our clients increase their effectiveness, productivity, and value by improving their overall applications development and management process.

We believe in a Quality Assurance process that is intelligent and flexible. We look under the hood of our clients’ systems and processes to see where we can make quality improvements.

We call ourselves Insight Quality (IQ) because we believe in using the insights gleaned from our years in the QA and software testing industry, while working for some of the biggest companies in the world. We’ve been in the trenches and seen firsthand what can go wrong when things aren’t done intelligently or flexibly.

What sets IQ apart?

Ever hear the term “Smart Flexibility?” Probably not. We coined it.

It’s really one of the fundamental theories behind our business.

We believe that our insight guides us to steer a clear path through complex process, system, and data relationships, allowing us to resolve challenging issues with efficient solutions. We bend the rules without compromising quality.  We know when to yield, where to be pliable, and how to adjust readily to changing conditions.

How and where do we apply this philosophy?  Well, it drives just about everything we do. Here a few examples:

In requirements management: We believe in having an initial game plan at the start of a project while also having the insight to realize that changes should be expected along the way. Some folks are scared of change.  Our approach is different. We recognize (and welcome) change and have built a process that allows for intelligent adjustments.

In QA process definition: We know that every organization is different, so not every methodology or life cycle works for every company.  We intelligently break the rules by very selectively applying only processes and templates that will have a beneficial impact on your teams rather than trying to implement a full methodology that would be better suited for, say, designing rockets.

In test strategy: In an ideal world, we would have enough time, money and resources to test every possible scenario and data combination.  Since this is typically not the case, we apply our “Smart Flexibility” approach when creating a test strategy.  We identify, design, and execute our test suite using a risk-based approach, where we are intelligent about what we prioritize and test first, verses what can be tested later.

What are some of IQ’s beliefs?

Honesty. Open Communication. Collaboration. Accessibility. Dedication. Integrity. Commitment. Quality. Learning.

Every IQ team member embraces these beliefs.  These tenets are reflected in all of our communication as well as embedded in every deliverable that we create.

So now you have to ask yourself this question:

Do you want real insight into how you can improve your QA process?

If you want true acuity—the kind that will help make your IT process smarter, leaner, and more profitable—give us a call.

Insight Quality.

The quality of QA insight you’re looking for.