We have six a la carte services to offer you. Pick one or pick 'em all.

For those of you who just might be wondering what it is that we do.

At Insight Quality, we believe in a quality assurance process that is smart and flexible. We peek under the hoods of our clients’ systems and processes to see where we can make quality improvements.

We go way beyond just software applications testing.  We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for all of your QA needs. Whether it’s creating a QA center of excellence for your business, creating a strategy for working with vendors offshore, or training your staff on the latest technologies and strategies, we’re here to redefine what you think about QA and software testing.

And of course that’s just the beginning.

What is the IQ Difference?

A philosophy we like to call “Smart Flexibility.”  Our insight allows us to steer a clear path through complex process, system, and data relationships, allowing us to resolve challenging issues with efficient solutions. We bend the rules without compromising quality.  We know when to yield, where to be pliable, and how to adjust readily to changing conditions.

Insight Quality offers the following services:

Creating a QA Center of Excellence

Your IT team needs standardized, yet smartly flexible, processes and templates to be used across all of your IT Projects. IQ can help you objectively figure out if what you currently have in place works best for your IT Division. Learn More>

Requirements Management & Static Testing

Considering that 80% of software development dollars aren’t spent on new features or adding new modules but correcting defects, you need a requirements process that prevents defects from the start, leaving you with the ability to focus on the other critical aspects of your business. IQ offers unique services to assist you in your Requirements challenges. Learn More>

Offshore Testing Strategy & Management

If your organization already has an offshoring model in place and the quality of the work products are not meeting your expectations, IQ can help you quickly assess where improvements can be made in the overall software development and project management processes.

If your organization is considering implementing an offshoring model, IQ can help you ensure that the model is strategically set up to help you succeed from the start. Learn More>

Specialized Testing Services

Most organizations know the value in testing their software. What they may not know is the value that specialized tests add to a test effort beyond high-level functional blackbox or user acceptance.

IQ’s Test Strategy & Design Specialists have years of hands-on experience in strategy, planning, designing, and executing various specialty testing services, such as end-to-end testing, data flow testing, and performance testing. (For a complete list, click Learn More.) When combined with blackbox testing, these services provide a more effective and comprehensive assessment of the overall application including increased opportunities to uncover critical defects. Learn More>

Test Training

Most organizations don’t have a formal test training program. Quite often, “testers” are hired to check out bugs within an application or to make sure hyperlinks work. As systems, projects, and processes become increasingly complex, it’s important to have a plan in place to increase the overall effectiveness of your team.

IQ can train your test team thereby increasing their overall value to your organization. Learn More>

Testing Software Selection & Implementation

While all companies know they have to track defects as part of their development cycle, the actual process of how to effectively manage those defects is often an afterthought. In theory it seems simple enough to just create a list and make notes. The reality is that your defect tracking system will be THE source of all application status and stability.

The defect tracking system you choose for your organization should be well vetted and scalable to meet your needs. IQ can help you streamline your Testing Software selection and Implementation. Learn More>

If you’re thinking that QA and testing seem complicated, that’s because they are. But with IQ helping you along the way, we make the process a whole lot simpler.