Testing Software Selection & Implementation

Choosing the right testing software shouldn’t feel like a test in and of itself.

What is Testing Software Selection and Implementation?

Defects are a reality of any software development, and every company needs a way to systematically track them.

While many organizations choose to rely on simple spreadsheets, most companies are better served with an out-of-the-box defect management solution. This includes custom and varied workflows for managing COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) applications versus custom-developed systems, custom defect state transitions, custom system-generated email notifications, reports suites, custom fields and security-enforced editability, security-based user groups, and more.

While all companies know they have to track defects as part of their development cycle, the actual process of how to effectively manage those defects is often an afterthought. In theory it seems simple enough just to create a list and make notes. The reality is that your defect tracking system will be THE source of all application status and stability. It will likely be used as the source of most communications with your COTS vendor, your offshore development team, and your in-house developers. It will provide you with the necessary information on which to base all critical decisions going forward (like knowing when you are ready to launch) and should tie into your Change Control and Configuration Management processes.  It houses the data that sums up the status of your project, your suite of applications, or your entire IT division.

Needless to say, it’s a whole lot more important than just a spreadsheet. That is why the system you choose for your organization should be well vetted and scalable to meet your needs.  It should not be the cheapest freeware you can find on the web—unless of course that freeware meets all of your requirements.

How IQ Can Help

IQ can help you streamline your Testing Software selection and Implementation. We’ll gather and document your requirements, research vendors, and determine viable solutions. Additionally, IQ can translate your requirements into your design and either project-manage the vendor’s configuration of the defect management software or perform the custom configuration ourselves. We’ll also test and roll out the application to your users.

The Details – Vendor Selection

We’re experts in helping your organization define what you need and, just as important, what you don’t. So before you choose the ideal software for your company, it’s imperative to know what you need.

We’ll begin by gathering the requirements and, if needed, help you define/refine some necessary processes around change control and configuration management.  Once we have the requirements documented, we’ll perform research to find viable solutions and then perform a GAP Analysis against a shortlist of options. We know that the best of breed solution (the $100,000 option) is not suited for everyone. We’ll help you narrow your options to find what’s right for you and can even work with your in-house Purchasing Team to acquire the software.

We can also work with the chosen vendor directly to get the licensing and contracts in place, ensuring that the agreement is scalable and contains the proper levels of customer support.

The Details – Software Implementation

Once you’ve chosen the right software for your business, the next crucial step is translating your requirements into a design that works within the parameters of the vendor product, both by configuration and by customization. One of the oft-overlooked needs is reports definition, as this will drive the field-level data that need to be captured and designed into the application.  IQ ensures that this process is both well vetted and “ready for prime-time.”  We’ll create screen mock-ups, state transition diagrams, and workflows to convey the proper design. We can configure the system for you, or serve as your liaison with the vendor to oversee the configuration. We’ll also test the system and work with the vendor to correct any bugs and can also help you roll out the new system to all of your users.

Additionally, we can provide formal, documented training or informal, brown-bag sessions for your users.

Choosing the right testing software shouldn’t feel like a test in and of itself. IQ helps you find the right software and implement it so that you always finish ahead of the class.